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PT. Alfa Omega

Grease Black 1 Kg Hi Temp
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IDR 25000.00

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Oil and Lubricants Grease ZR 1kg serves to provide lubrication to the engine so that the engine does not rub directly. In addition to lubricate parts, grease also serves to prevent rust. For grease lubrication can be used to lubricate the ball bearing wheels, brake lever system or the inside of the drum levers, axles, bolts arm, the standard side / center, etc. The nature of obese rather dense and sticky certainly longer stick to the surface of the parts are lubricated than oil or liquid lubricant. Therefore, fat can also be used to prevent rust, let alone in order after in las however ga was repainted, or on the chassis damaged due to friction with the body paint, upholstery or cables.

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